Cheat Meal: Verde Chicken Enchiladas


So these Kraft meal kits have been tempting me for several grocery trips just because they look soooo easy (and I’m a sucker for enchiladas lol). But I knew that they were gonna be crazy bad for me 😭. I finally picked one up and realized that the ingredient list isn’t really all that bad!! There were a few things I couldn’t pronounce and didn’t recognize but I feel like this wasn’t a too unhealthy meal! Especially if you go light on the cheese 😉. My 1 year old loved them and so did my hubby so I’m pretty pleased at the turn out.

Confession: until today, I hadn’t bought groceries in TWO WEEKS. Which is why I haven’t posted anything new in FOREVER. Me and the baby have been eating random mixes of food and the poor hubby (sarcasm!!) has been eating out while he’s at work. I held out for my Bountiful Basket which I was suppose to get on Saturday but guess what? They moved locations and I missed the pick up time :/ so by the time I got to the new location everybody and my basket was gone. Was I pissed? Oh yeah!! So I had to brave the store this morning with my 1 year old to get stocked up! I have several new recipes I’m gonna post so keep your eyes open!! 👀👀


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